Apr 17 2019

A Day in the Life: HerStory Kabul


For so many of us, the world can feel like such a huge place that it is hard to relate to people that live oceans away. Our blog series, A Day in the Life, is meant to give you a detailed look at girls in Global G.L.O.W. HerStory programming across the globe so you can better understand the insurmountable barriers females still face today. This also gives us the opportunity to introduce each of the inspiring young ladies who are working so hard to drive change in their local communities. 

Every day in Kabul, Afghanistan, Metra, a 12- year-old girl, rises with the sun. She lives in a small house with her sister, three brothers and her parents. She looks at her family and sees worry about their safety and financial state caused by the war, but she knows these things can’t take away the love they share.  

Once she is up, she offers her morning prayers and helps her mother and brothers make Bolani, an Afghan bread that her father sells in the local market near their house. After her breakfast, she runs off to school.

History is Metra’s favorite subject because the teacher is really nice to her. She works diligently in school but she can’t help but wish there was more time for playing. Soon, the last class wraps up and it is time for her favorite part of the day: ASCHIANA GLOW LitClub.

Metra, age 12

Metra loves the HerStory programming because it is designed in a way that it gives her time to learn and play simultaneously. She loves singing, reading and sharing with the girls in the program. She looks up to her mentor, as she is a kind woman who always listens to her. Metra never misses a day of GLOW LitClub. She always leaves the program with a full heart and a smile on her face.

Once she is back home for the night, she works on her homework and prepares for the next day. She often thinks about how grateful she is to her parents for letting her go to school and attend HerStory programming. She thinks about how some time back she and her brothers were working on the street to support their family. However, her parents were able to put she and her brothers in school and they often encourage her to be successful in her studies.

As she lays in her bed, she dreams of growing and becoming a mentor and teacher just like the ones she loves in her school and the GLOW LitClub. She is grateful for the support she gets from these strong women, and can’t wait to grow up and support other girls like her in the community.

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