Global Health, Family & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Stephanie is a Family & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with 34 years of experience in diverse areas of health care. Graduated in May 2020 with a MAS in Community-based Primary Health Care Programs in Global Health from Johns Hopkins University. Interests include global mental health, refugee health, maternal-newborn and child care, social and environmental justice, human rights issues, and adventure travel. Enjoys cultural immersion and community involvement to develop and teach culturally appropriate programs for long term sustainability. Worked with well-established NGO and local leaders in a village of western Ghana in 2019, completing annual community household surveys and assisting with the Mother Mentor Program. Identified need to address maternal mental health, later developing a training program for staff and intervention program for mothers and community. Remains commited to investment in the programs and community. Traveled to 45 countries in 6 continents and currently lives between Switzerland and the USA. A piece of her heart is always in Africa — somewhere between the people, animals, savannah, and rainforests of Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, or Ghana.

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