Program Manager, International Region

As the Program Manager of the International Region, Binta works closely with international partners to understand how Global G.L.O.W. can best support their partnership and meet their needs. She also assists in curriculum development, content writing, and project planning. Binta’s favorite part of her job is being able to write curriculum and also meet with partner organizations on the ground. Here is where she can witness the true impact of our work and make deeper connections.

Binta holds a MA in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Advocacy from New York University and received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Counselling from Ithaca College. Both of these backgrounds allows Binta to recognize the significance education has on young people as well as understanding how a person’s environment and past experiences shape their perspectives. This solidified Binta’s passion for advocating for young people’s right to both a quality education and also adequate social and emotional learning. Before working at Global G.L.O.W., Binta has worked in both the classroom and other women empowerment non-profit organizations.

The bravest women Binta knows are her mother and her grandmother because she has witnessed both women face some of life’s toughest hardships with the utmost grace, faith, and resilience. “Strong Women Raise Strong Women,” and she owes her strength to them.

When Binta is not working, you can find exploring her hometown of NYC. She likes to find new art exhibits, outdoor spaces, and restaurants. Binta also enjoys painting, drawing, photography, and writing poetry.

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