Director of Mobilization & Partnerships

Kendra unshakably believes that today’s girls are tomorrow’s leaders, they just need barriers removed from their path. In her role as Director of Mobilization & Partnerships, she strives to help connect Global G.L.O.W.’s community of supporters to all of the ways they can learn, engage, amplify, and ultimately, create the impact they want to see in this world.

Kendra completed her BA in Recreation Administration at Texas State University and her MS in Sport Management at Texas A&M University. During more than a decade fundraising for universities and international nonprofits, she’s seen the deep-rooted, systematic injustice girls face globally but she’s also witnessed the extraordinary power and persistence of their voices. Their hope, joy, and passion are a driving force for her every day.

When she thinks of brave women, her mom comes to mind for her determination every day to learn, grow, and discover new ways to use her voice. She also thinks of her friends Lori, Sara, and Natalie who taught her how to lead bravely, stand strongly, and trust fully. In her free time, Kendra enjoys running, reading thrillers, cooking, and watching sports. Her favorite days are some combination of those things with her husband and their dog, Cali.