Program Coordinator

Olivia works as the Program Coordinator, maintaining relationships with community partners locally in California and across the United States, as well developing programming and planning events. Ensuring as many girls as possible get the support they need to come into their own power drives Olivia in her work.

Olivia received her bachelor’s degree from UCSB in French with a minor in Sociocultural Linguistics and her master’s from SDSU in Women’s Studies. After taking her first feminist studies course at UCSB, Olivia discovered her passion for advocating for women and girls. She wished she learned sooner about the issues women face in the world, so being able to be a part of that process for girls today at Global G.L.O.W. fulfills some of her lifetime goals. Mentoring girls and working with teens around social justice issues hooked Olivia on working with and for youth.

Olivia’s Sheros are many- they include her past professors, former colleagues, and friends. However, Olivia credits her mother in particular for having encouraged her to work hard, ask questions, look for truth, and seek justice for people around her.

Olivia’s other passions include being a professional Craft Dabbler, baking, volunteering, thrift shopping and traveling. Her favorite places in the world are Long Beach, California and Riventosa, Corsica.