Partnership Coordinator

As the OC Program Coordinator, Sinai has the opportunity to work with partners in Orange County, and Southern California. Sinai provides support to partners with GLOW programming, training, and executing events or projects aligned with Global GLOW programming.

Sinai received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a double minor in Family Relations and Health & Wellness, from California State University, Chico. For over 5 years, Sinai has worked to empower youth, especially girls, to help them advocate for themselves and their community, and become whoever they strive to become- even if they aren’t quite sure what that is yet. In her previous work experience, Sinai has learned how incredibly resilient young girls can be, and how important it is for them to have a space where they can ask questions, and learn without judgment.

Working in this field, Sinai knows many amazing and strong women, but the bravest woman Sinai knows is her sister, Kathya, who has taught her how fiercely independent a woman can be, while being incredibly compassionate and caring to those around her.

Sinai loves coffee, creating, and eating lots of pasta! She has a cat named Cody, and loves to spend her days off at the beach where she journals, reads, and draws on the sand.