Donor Events Manager & US Program Coordinator

Tiffani Fest is a proud intersectional feminist, global women’s advocate, and TEDx speaker. As the Donor Events Manager & US Program Coordinator, Tiffani brings her multifaceted experience as a Sales Executive, Storyteller, and nonprofit Ambassador to the Global G.L.O.W. team. She is passionate about strengthening and developing our donor relationships, so that we can continue to expand our network of powerful girl advocates worldwide.

Prior to joining Global G.L.O.W., Tiffani worked as a professional actress in film & theatre, and received her B.A. in performance theatre with a double major in French, from Fordham University at Lincoln Center. As a survivor of SV, she has dedicated the last 6 years of her life to championing other female-identifying survivors worldwide and has served as the U.S. Ambassador and Stewardship Coordinator to New Light India, a nonprofit operating in the red light districts of Calcutta. She also volunteered locally for 5 years as an activity coordinator at CHLA, offering trauma-informed bedside activities to children hooked up to their life-saving chemotherapy and blood transfusions. She recently completed her 60-hour Domestic Violence Counselor certification from R.A.I.N.N. so that she can continue her mission to serve other survivors.

The women who inspire her most are all the unnamed survivors of GBV around the world, who simply never give up, and who continue to transform their own lives and the lives of the generations of women who come after them.

Outside of work, Tiffani can be found hiking, practicing Nichiren Buddhism, writing poems and spoken word stories, and inhaling film and music like life-giving oxygen. She is also an avid solo female traveler and is most happy when exploring new cultures, countries, and terrains.

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