how we ignite the power of

Run Local and International Programs

We combine mentoring, transformational literacy and art as tools for girls’ empowerment in our innovative out-of-school programs.

Unite Girls AT SUMMITS

We convene girls to cultivate connections, learn from one another and build girls’ leadership to drive community-based action.

Promote Girl-Driven Advocacy

We amplify girls’ voices to advocate for the resources, policies and change needed so they can grow up strong.

empowering girls is smart, for all of us

What happens when she goes to school?

She Will Invest In
Future Generations.

she will reinvest 90% of
her adult income back into
her household1

She can lift her country
out of poverty.

she can increase her future
earnings by 15-25% for
every extra year of school2

she is healthier and will raise a healthier family.

there would be 64% fewer
child marriages and 59%
fewer early births3

Sources: 1. Plan International, 2009 2. USAID, 2015 3. United Nations Population Fund, 2017