GLOW Club builds girls’ power.

Our signature program, GLOW Club, is a mentorship program designed to ignite the power of girls. Through a 10-month curriculum of hands-on activities that build Social and Emotional Learning skills, girls in vulnerable communities develop their confidence and practice using their voice as they build lasting relationships with peers and learn to advocate for themselves and others. 

Mentorship changes lives.

GLOW Clubs are led by trusted local mentors with strong ties to the community who are willing to dedicate their time to make a difference in girls’ lives. Mentors are positive female role models who come from the same communities as the girls they serve. Their intimate knowledge of community-wide issues allows them to adapt our curriculum to the local cultural context, preparing club members to overcome the specific societal barriers they face each day. 

Powerful girls create stronger communities.

Our curriculum builds the skills and knowledge of adolescent girls through modules that teach self-expression, decision-making, sexual and reproductive health, entrepreneurship, and more. By developing these competencies in a safe and supportive small-group setting, club members learn to use their voice to advocate for themselves and the issues they care about, ultimately allowing them to live a life of their own design. 

16,000 Girls. 30 Countries.

The research is clear: adolescent girls are often the most affected by nearly every major crisis. Globally, girls are less likely to complete their education, more likely to complete unpaid domestic labor, and vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse. GLOW Club is designed to equip girls with the tools to use their voice and recognize their agency. In doing so, they realize that they have the power to determine their own futures. 

GLOW Club is creating powerful advocates and confident leaders around the world. In Kenya, GLOW Club member Linet learned how to speak out against the domestic violence that is rampant in her community. In Ghana, Fatima was inspired to advocate for a youth-led sexual and reproductive health movement. In India, GLOW Club members are challenging gender-based stereotypes that limit their potential. Imagine how bright the future can be with girls like these leading our world. 

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Examples of core modules and topics of discussion for GLOW Club programs include:

  • Self-Advocacy, Self-Awareness, & Self-Management

  • Social Awareness & Empathizing with Others

  • Responsible Decision-Making

  • The Power of Girls

  • The Importance  of Storytelling & Telling My Own Story

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health

When a girl has the opportunity to develop an awareness of her own emotions, thoughts, strengths, and limitations, as well as how her behavior affects others, she is more likely to build positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and learn how to integrate all of her skills to effectively and ethically face any obstacle in the future.

GLOW Club mentors girls to become powerful advocates and confident leaders. Will you join them in advocating for a better world?

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“After learning about self-advocacy in GLOW Club, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to confront obstacles, advocate for my needs, and pursue my goals.”

–Zainab, 17, India