Our Impact

As of 2023, Global G.L.O.W. Programming is being implemented in 30 countries, reaching over 16,ooo girls.

Girls that participated in Global G.L.O.W.’s primary program from 2018-2019

(HerStory) report an improved sense of self, improved future outlook, improved capacity for community engagement, and improved academic engagement.

The stories of strength from girls in our global network are remarkable.

Each story represents a girl who is leading our world to a stronger future. And, behind every story is a compelling data. Together, our innovative programming and a strong body of scientific global evidence proves that when we invest in girls, we all benefit.

“Being a part of the club has helped me become more open with others, it taught me self-advocacy, showing me that my voice matters.”

– Girl from NOVA Academy in Santa Ana, CA age 16

Listening to what girls need and analyzing data

from our programs has propelled us to offer more. We now mentor and educate girls using three key initiatives.


Prepares girls for
self-determined futures by addressing barriers girls face in accessing formal economic opportunities.


Supports girls in building their self-advocacy skills, emotional wellbeing, educational engagement and community engagement and impact.

Healthy GLOW

Works to ensure girls have the information they need to stay healthy and maintain healthy relationships and that they make positive choices for their future.

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