Adrienne Warren

Director of Programs

Adrienne is a global health enthusiast with 15 years of administrative, fiscal and programming expertise.

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Beth Brier

Senior Program Manager (Program Design and Evaluation)

As the Senior Program Manager of Program Design and Evaluation, Beth…..

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Binta Freeman

Program Manager (Program Design)

As the Program Manager (Program Design), Binta works closely with…..

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Carmen Perry

Detroit Partnership Coordinator

As the Detroit Partnership Coordinator, Carmen works with partners…..

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Carrie Thiret

Business Administration Coordinator

As the Business Administration Coordinator, Carrie provides financial and business expertise…

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Crystal Sprague

Executive Director

Crystal is a fierce advocate for girls and women around the world. As the…..

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Gabriella Abrego

Senior Program Manager (Partner Management and Operations)

As the Senior Program Manager of Partner Management and Operations…..

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Katy Rutkin

Communications Advisor

In her role as Communications Advisor, Katy brings awareness to Global…..

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Kendra Steel

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Kendra unshakably believes that today’s girls are tomorrow’s leaders…

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Kylie Schuyler

Founder and Executive Chair

Kylie Schuyler is the Founder and Executive Chair of Global G.L.O.W.

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Lyndsey Reynolds

Senior Program Manager (Operations and Advocacy Events)

As Senior Program Manager of Operations and Advocacy Events…

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Michele Coleman

Senior Evaluation Advisor

As the Senior Evaluation Advisor, Michele loves to help…

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Olivia Jaffe-Pachuilo

Senior Program Coordinator

Olivia works as a Senior Program Coordinator, maintaining relationships with…..

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Shubha Rao

Senior Program Coordinator

As the Senior Program Coordinator of Partner Management and M&E…

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Sinai Torrejon

Partnership Coordinator

As the OC Program Coordinator, Sinai has the opportunity to work with partners…

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