Adrienne Warren

United States | Senior Director of Programs

Adrienne is a global health enthusiast with 15 years of administrative…

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Carmen Perry

United States | Detroit Partnership Coordinator

As the Detroit Partnership Coordinator, Carmen works with partners…..

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Carrie Thiret

United States | Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, Carrie provides financial and business expertise…

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Crystal Sprague

United States | Executive Director

Crystal is a fierce advocate for girls and women around the world. As the…

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Dawn Watkins

United States | Grant Writer

Dawn received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy…

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Faith Kamadi

Kenya | Program Officer, East and Southern Africa

Faith Vosevwa is a Programme Management professional…

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Hana Bermejo

United States | Communications and Advocacy Coordinator

As the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator, Hana helps carry out external…

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Kajal Kotecha

Eswatini | Data Analyst

Kajal is a Data Analyst and Research professional with over 8 years…

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Karina Peoples

United States | Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Karina is a dynamic nonprofit leader who seamlessly blends purpose…

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Katherine Ramos

Peru | Program Officer, Latin America

Kathy is a professional with 8 years of experience…

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Laural Probst

United States | New Partnerships Project Manager

Laura Probst is a seasoned nonprofit capacity and impact consultant…

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Letitia Julian

United States | Senior Manager, Indigenous American U.S. Programs

Danzho, a heartfelt greeting in my Jicarilla Apache language…

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Michele Coleman

England | Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

As the Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning, Michele uses data…

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Mukonyo Muendo

Kenya | Program Manager, East Africa Region

Mukonyo is a womanist and social justice activist

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Nuri Hannan

United States | Youth Correspondent

As a former GLOW Club Member, Nuri brings a wealth of knowledge…

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Pallavi Gahlaut

India | Program Officer, Asia

Pallavi believes that she is what she is because of all the women that came before…

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Samantha Mendoza

United States | Chief Storyteller

Samantha is an international multimedia storyteller with years of experience developing…

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Shayne Wignall

United States | Human Resources Associate

As a HR associate, Shayne works behind the scenes to assist in administrative needs…

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Simileoluwa Ashimolowo

Nigeria | Program Officer, West Africa

Simi Ashimolowo is a Public Health Practitioner who has worked with both local and international…

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Victoria Liakos

United States | Development Coordinator

As the Development Coordinator, Victoria plays a central role in connecting…

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