Girls Know What Girls Need

Adolescent girls are absolutely vital to conversations about gender equality. Through Global G.L.O.W. programming, girls practice advocating for themselves and their rights both in their communities and globally. We amplify girls’ voices and sponsor their participation in international forums so their calls to action can inform global policymaking. Because decisions about girls should be made by girls. 

The Global G.L.O.W. Girl Advocacy Committee

Each year, Global G.L.O.W. welcomes girl advocates from around the world to join our Girl Advocacy Committee. These Representatives, who have developed a foundation for their advocacy skills in GLOW Club, join monthly virtual meetings to discuss challenges girls are facing worldwide while learning with fellow youth advocates and advancing their plans to positively impact their communities. 

Girl Advocacy Committee Representatives annually make girls’ recommendations heard at United Nations forums such as International Day of the Girl and the Commission on the Status of Women.

In 2023, we’re thrilled to introduce you to 33 new Girl Advocacy Committee members representing 15 countries and a variety of lived experiences. Together, they’re discussing some of the most critical barriers to gender equality while building lasting relationships that strengthen their commitment to advocacy work. 

Get to Know the Representatives

In the fall of 2021, Representatives of the Girls Advocacy Committee led local summits and roundtable discussions with Global G.L.O.W. club members to identify solutions and calls to action that will allow all girls to live more educated, healthier lives.

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Nobody can succeed as an island, so when girls join their voices as one, education of the girl will be taken to higher heights.



Advocacy events and campaigns

We engage in annual advocacy campaigns meant to advance a dialogue on the challenges girls around the world continue to face, and inspire our community to take action.
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