Deborah Sawaf

Deborah Sawaf is a Bombay-born, Italian & LA trained (FIDM) designer with a global, pro-woman stance and a dedication to empowering change through fashion. Founding Thalé Blanc in 2010, a luxury fashion brand specializing in women’s designer handbags, clothing, accessories, and jewelry, Sawaf’s intention has been to empower women through their fashions. A designer by trade but philanthropist at heart, Deborah has devoted her life to bring tangible difference to people and communities in the world through fashion.

She recently launched “The Power of Words” – a purpose-first fashion brand and art collection, anchored in its mission to break down the barriers around the stigma of mental health. The Power of Words blends pop culture wellness, music, sports, art and fashion to bring awareness and innovation in the mental health space with a “positive word” driven message.

Deborah serves on the Board of Directors for the Didi Hirsch Foundation and the Advisory Board for Qatar America Institute for Culture and the Burnt Children’s Relief Fund. She is also a Strategy Advisor for Pullquest, an online platform for fashion stylists.

Possible Talks:

  • A “Power of Words” workshop to destigmatize mental health and provide people with the tools they need to express their emotions and connection with the communities around them