Jennie Blumenthal

A former Fortune 100 exec turned entrepreneur, Jennie is passionate about helping leaders reach the next level of leadership on their own terms. After spending 20 years in Corporate America helping Fortune 500 companies manage multi-million dollar growth strategies, Jennie left her partnership in a global consulting firm to launch her own leadership company. In addition to her role as CEO, she also serves as the co-founder of a tech startup, a professional speaker, a Board member, and the bestselling author of Corporate Rehab: Ditch the Hustle Culture and Thrive Again.

Her leadership-speaking business, Corporate Rehab, focuses on executives looking to reach the next level of leadership and thrive in the future of work without losing themselves in the process, by shifting out of old patterns and mindsets – while still pursuing phenomenal growth. Her work has impacted 10,000 leaders – and counting. Her tech startup, Ellevoy, is a matching platform connecting female and diverse founders to capital, community and talent – to help change the face of entrepreneurship.

She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, two kids, and puppy, and is trying to enjoy this chance to rewrite the next chapter of her career and life by running 10 milers, learning how to parent teens, and joining a mom’s ice hockey league.

Possible Talks:

  • SPARK: Beat Burnout and Relight the Spark in Your Leadership
  • Corporate Rehab: Ditch the Hustle Culture and Thrive Again
  • THRIVE: Leading at a Higher Level in the Future of Work
  • Evolved Leadership: Tap Into Your Human Potential in a Post-AI World