Kelsey Chittick

Kelsey Chittick is a writer, Comedian, Certified Life Coach and an Inspirational speaker. Over the past 20 years, she has performed stand-up comedy all over Los Angeles and speaks at events around the country. She is the author of the best seller “Second Half – Surviving Loss and Finding Magic in the Missing.” This book is about the sudden death of her husband in 2017 and her journey back to Joy.

As a Certified Life Coach, Kelsey works with people who are going through the hardest times. She gives them the tools and teaches them the mindsets that will allow them to not just survive, but thrive. Kelsey is the host of Moms Don’t Have Time to Grieve Podcast, which explores the beautiful and hard ways we walk through Grief. She is also the co-creator of KeepON, an inspiring and humorous podcast that explored how our greatest obstacles turn out to be our greatest gifts. And, along with Tracey Cox who is one of the world’s renowed sex experts, Kelsey co-hosts SexTox which is a podcast that answers questions about sex that everyone wants to know.

Growing up in Florida, Kelsey was an accomplished student and athlete—an NCAA Championship individual qualifier and captain of the UNC women’s swimming team. She was married to Super Bowl champion Nate Hobgood-Chittick. Now she lives in Los Angeles with her two teenagers Jack and Addison.

Possible talks:

  • The Journey from Hard Times to Joy

Keynote Abstract: 

What if your best life is on the other side of your hardest times? Uncomfortable events can become our most transformative, but only if you have the tools to manage the moment. Kelsey Chittick is a best-selling author and keynote speaker who teaches audiences to lean into the pain, find humor in the dark times, and stay grateful…not in spite of what happened, but because of it. Often, we get stuck on worn-out stories while labeling events “good” or “bad” simply because of how they make us feel. Kelsey walks the audience through her aggressive acceptance technique to challenge those stories and get curious about what we can learn from hard times. In this rousing, no holding back,engaging and laughter-filled keynote supported by stories of her own experiences walking through the hardest years of her life after her husband’s sudden death, Chittick effortlessly moves the listener
from tears to laughter with the realization that life’s most difficult moments can also be the ones that ultimately teach us how to live our best lives.

Learning Objectives:
1. Implement Chittick’s Aggressive Acceptance technique to not just survive but thrive through the tough times.
2. Reframe the way you identify the events of your life by shifting from limiting labels to curious thinking.
3. Learn the four must have tools that we need to survive hard times and how we begin to practice them before those moments hit.

“Kelsey taught me to completely reframe my response to a particularly difficult time in life. Through using her aggressive acceptance technique, I learned to recognize and acknowledge the gifts in my struggle. I never expected to be able to co-mingle my deep sadness with laughter. Listening to her speak was akin to
an ice water splash to the face wrapped in a warm hug.”
 – Anne Marie Anderson, 3x Emmy Award Winning Sports Broadcaster and Keynote Speaker