Linda Cirigliano

Linda Cirigliano is the founder of LC Three, a client representation firm that works with architects, contractors, designers, and homeowners. She has over 20 years of construction management experience, having spent 16 years project coordinating for an elite group of architects, designers, consultants, and general contractors throughout NYC and Locust Valley, New York prior to starting her firm in 2015. LC Three’s team consists of 11 seasoned professionals that bring a high level of service, creativity, and attention to detail to each client and project engagement. Leveraging their combined expertise, they consistently achieve successful project outcomes while ensuring an enjoyable experience for the owners.

Possible talks:

  • Female leadership in male-dominated industries
  • The future of building and design
  • Collaboration: How to work in teams with varied expertise and backgrounds
  • Building trends: Innovations in high-end residential renovation
  • Getting the best work out for younger employees