Mai Moore

Mai Moore is a dynamic, influential, powerful speaker, entrepreneur, non-profit executive, mentor, and mother who is a positive force to many. She has 16 years of experience directly helping two tech companies go public (Travelzoo Inc. and United Online) and, for the last eight years, has served as co-
founder of the non-profit EYEJ: Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice which drives social justice reform by empowering young people to advocate for change.

Mai is very passionate about diversity, equality, equity, inclusion, creating positive change, and social impact in the world today. Using years of experience, having served 2,000 underserved youth and 1,400 diverse adults with extensive insight in the tech, non-profit sector, and the corporate world, Mai brings a unique approach to tough conversations at events and on conference stages.

You can expect a fully interactive and inspirational talk on social impact, how to create change, and her diverse life experiences, including personal trauma and storytelling, filled with action steps crafted for empowerment and impact. She truly walks the walk when it comes to her years of experience in business and social justice, which shines through when you hear her speak.

Her speaking engagements include: The Northern Ohio Human Resource Conference, Hyland Software EYEJ Digital Divide Employee Event, OhioX – Digital Divide, PwC National Social Justice ScopeAthon, McKinsey – EYEJ Digital Divide Employee Event, MC2 STEM High School – Super Hero’s, National Network for Justice – Midwest Conference, Highland Hills Juvenile Correction Facility Commencement Speaker, Cuyahoga County Community College, Cleveland Teacher’s Union, Case Western Reserve Beta Alpha Social Justice, and Ohio Capitol Hill