Michelle Hrycauk Nassif

Michelle is Founder of I AM A Feminine Leader, a community of practice mentoring women and girls in community development and leadership.

As a community and program design, development, and implementation expert Michelle helps client launch innovative mission-driven content experiences so organizations can unify with communities and multiply their impact.

As Producer and Host of the “I AM A Feminine Leader Podcast” Michelle interviews women and girls from all over the world sharing their stories and offering practical tools and strategies that anyone with passion and vision for community building can use to amplify their impact.

Possible talks:

Note, Michelle is an interactive workshop designer so can offer engaging leadership training activities for your team.

  • Lifeforce Leadership: Discover who “I AM” as a community builder so you can affirm your leaders voice and amplify your impact
  • Foundations of Community Design: The building blocks that anyone can use to actualize their vision of community personally and professionally
  • Thoughtful Partner Relations: Community outreach tools and strategies that foster stronger connections and more impactful partnerships