Susan Baaj

From Damascus, Syria, Susan is the CEO of Isra Couture which designs apparel for the confident conservative woman who wants to enhance her personal style.

She established the Syrian American Council, Los Angeles chapter, and has worked on raising awareness about the current crisis in Syria by volunteering her time to empower Syrian-American Women to organize community and provide humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

Susan is currently the chairwoman of the Syrian Institute for Progress (SIP). In 2014, SIP formed Burnt Children Relief Foundation (BCRF) to bring burn victims from Syria to the United States, and Susan has dedicated her time and efforts to help these children.

Susan is on the board of Trustees of the World Affairs Council and was the Program Chair of WACOC from 2015-2018.

She is an advocate and voice to many humanitarian forums.

Her talk is a deep dive into Syria and Syrian refugees.