Jan 21 2022

Covid-19 Restrictions — Global “Hidden Effects” That Are Setting Kids Back


I know we are all tired of hearing about the effects of Covid-19. 

However, the hidden impacts on 99% of children around the world whose countries implemented some kind of closure due to safer-at-home measures needs to be talked about. More than 2.3 billion children live in the 186 countries who set restrictions in place, often including closing schools for some length of time. And the effects of those restrictions on children’s lives (especially in marginalized communities) are profound. 

Save the Children recently released a report that included insights from over 8,000 children and over 17,000 parents in 37 countries. The statistics they put together are shocking. Below are a few of the highlights from that report.


-Save the Children predicts that at least 10 million children will not return to school with girls and the most marginalized obviously being most at risk. 

-Fewer than 1% of children from lower socio-economic households said they had access to the internet for distance learning.

-40% of children from low socioeconomic households reported needing help with their homework, but not having anyone to ask for help.

-3 out of 4 households reported an income loss and Save the Children predicts that the number of children living in the least resourced households could have increased by more than 117 million in 2020 alone. 

-Violence in homes quadrupled for families who lost income compared to those households who did not lose income.

-63% of girls reported an increase in household chores and 52% reported an increase in time spent caring for siblings and others in need of caretaking. Girls said that these increased responsibilities stopped them from being able to study at twice the rate of boys. 


The repercussions of Covid-19 restrictions on youth and especially girls are widespread and more research is needed to understand the full picture. Our mandate at Global G.L.O.W. remains stronger than ever and statistics like these fuel it- we must support girls. We cannot look away from this global crisis. 

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