Global G.L.O.W.’s largest initiative, the HerStory Campaign, works in 27 countries to listen to, amplify and champion the voices of girls through innovative after-school programming designed to cultivate modern literacy skills and foster self-advocacy. We work alongside UN Women, girls’ rights NGOs, universities and key stakeholders to mentor girls to share their stories, advocate for themselves and transform their communities. Global G.L.O.W. founded the HerStory Campaign in partnership with LitWorld, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, bringing to the campaign their strong heritage in literacy education for children and communities..

HerStory Campaign Key Activities

We Create HerStory Clubs Worldwide

We partner with local nonprofits to train mentors who guide girls through our unique curriculum designed to build confidence and cultivate modern literacy and self-expression skills.


We Unite Girls at HerStory Summits

We convene girls at local, regional and global summits to cultivate connections and build girls’ leadership capacity to drive community-based change.


We Promote Girl-Driven Advocacy

We mentor girls to advocate for themselves and their rights. Join the #HerStoryCampaign in amplifying girls’ authentic voices by sharing our graphics and messages with your friends, family and network today.


Our Theory of Change

Social Emotional Learning + Literacy & Self-Expression Skills + Dynamic Mentorship
= Self-Determined Independence and Community Improvement

When girls aged 10 – 18 are provided a pathway of programming that includes:

Social emotional learning
Literacy and self-expression skills
Dynamic mentoring

Girls will demonstrate the following four outcomes:

Improved future outlook
Improved sense of self (self-esteem)
Improved capacity for community engagement
Improved academic achievement

With these four outcomes girls will:

Become economically independent
Be equipped to envision and pursue a secure and fulfilling future
Actively engage in improving their communities and feel they have the power to make positive change

“When she tells her story she begins to exist on her own terms. Her story is her own. Not written by culture. Not written by government. Not written by a society that tells her no. It is her story, it is her voice.”
-Dr. Rose Opondo, Kenya HerStory Partner