Jul 5 2023

Meet Samantha, Global G.L.O.W.’s Inaugural Youth Correspondent!


At Global G.L.O.W., we amplify girls’ voices because we believe their advocacy can transform the world. We’re committed to providing a platform for girls who are typically underrepresented in global dialogues to share, in their own words, the issues they’re most passionate about solving and their calls to action for a more gender-equal world.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Samantha, our Inaugural Global Youth Correspondent from Nigeria, who will provide insight into the challenges girls are facing in her home country of Nigeria, as well as across the globe.

Samantha is a GLOW Club alumna, and previously advocated for gender equality in front of United Nations panels as a Girl Advocacy Representative.

By writing blogs, creating educational videos, and interviewing other girls about their lived experiences and advocacy, Samantha looks forward to teaching others about the issues that keep girls from living lives of their own design.

Learn more about Samantha, in her own words, below!

I’m Samantha, Inspired by Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion found in playing small — in settling for a life that is less than one you are capable of living” 

Growing up, I noticed I grew easily irritated whenever I saw a young lady like myself settling for a mediocre life and not reaching out for more; Hence my journey for girl advocacy began. In my heart, I resolved to make sure that I reach for the best I can be, surpassing every limitation and challenge that may come my way, while also spurring on and leading others in how to live an exemplary life.

I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sammy or Sam for short. I’m excited to announce that I am Global G.L.O.W’s Inaugural Global Youth Correspondent. In this role, I will be creating content centered around gender equality.

I was born and brought up in northern Nigeria, which is characterized by beautiful historical features. Nigeria, the giant and heart of Africa, is blessed with mineral resources such as crude, tin, and vast fertile land. Nigeria is a beautiful attraction site for tourists along with diverse traditional delicacies which I promise are very delicious.

“It is my desire for every young girl to live the best life that she can, despite her background, financial status, or color of skin because I know that every limitation can be conquered by a girl who is determined.”

I turned 19 last September. I’ve finished secondary education and at university people often describe me as a funny, easy-going, and kind person. I also love to smile! What people don’t know about me is that some days I experience bad days,  but I still smile because I know that there is much more in store for me in the future. 

I love creating and capturing moments and saving memories. Consequently, I love photography and making videos. I also love to sing, and reading is my cup of tea.

My Future Goals

I’m passionate about agriculture crop production as I plan on studying crop production in university. I hope to have a farm efficient enough to feed the whole of Nigeria. 

Climate change in Nigeria has drastically adverse effects and I intend to start a recycling company where I recycle plastic waste and turn them into something new instead of burning them, which is what happens most often here.

I also hope to hone and build my skills in fashion design while empowering others in the process.  I love to grow, and I love to learn and meet new people while connecting with others.

Nigeria, especially northern Nigeria, deals with a problem of lack of education. I look forward to using my voice and resources to empower and educate young girls in Nigeria and beyond while working to advance gender equality.

My Past Advocacy Work

It’s been a wonderful time working with Global G.L.O.W. My public speaking skills have grown and I have learned more about love and empathy. As Girl Advocacy Committee Representatives, I was able to identify problems and offer solutions, which helped hone my problem-solving and critical thinking skills. I am now more confident to express myself and reach out for more in life. 

I have been actively involved in advocacy work in gender equality, menstrual hygiene, girls’ education, reproductive health, and early marriage in my community.

My Vision for a Future Without Limitations

I am passionate about bringing change to my world, to my community, and to everyone around me. There are so many things holding down the average girl in Nigeria ranging from cultural beliefs and stereotypes to gender misconceptions and so on.

“I am passionate about bringing change to my world, to my community, and to everyone around me.”

It is my desire for every young girl to live the best life that she can, despite her background, financial status, or color of skin because I know that every limitation can be conquered by a girl who is determined. I believe every girl has what it takes.

I may not have all things figured out yet. But, I am very open to growing and learning in every aspect of personal development because, in order to help other girls become the best version of themselves, I must also become the best version of myself. 

I am sure it will be a nice ride as we journey together in this new role of mine.

Global G.L.O.W. partners with community-based organizations in 30 countries to operate mentorship-driven programs for girls ages 10-18. Our SEL-based curriculum gives girls the tools to express themselves, advocate for their rights, and challenge the most critical barriers to achieving gender equality. Support our work at globalgirlsglow.org/donate.


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