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International Day of the Girl marks an important opportunity to raise girls’ voices and promote gender equality, while advancing a dialogue on the challenges girls around the world continue to face. While we are excited to celebrate IDG 2020, we also recognize that this is a conversation that needs to continue well beyond October 11.

We are excited to announce OctobHER: International Month of the Girl, an entire month dedicated to bringing together girls, thought leaders, partner organizations and allies to celebrate girls and address the critical issues that continue to hinder progress towards a more gender equal world. We will also explore solutions and begin to carve a path forward in building gender equity for girls everywhere.

Our voices are much louder when they are united, and collectively we will make a greater impact than we ever could alone. #OctobHERGlow

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October 5-11, 2020

Be Bold: Building Equity for Girls (In Partnership With the Working Group on Girls)

We all know that equality means treating everyone the same, but building equity is different. Building equity for girls means making sure that everyone has the same chances of success… because sometimes in order to be equal, you may need help that is different from someone else.

This week, we will discuss what equity means to you and how girls can experience equity where you live.

Join us for a LIVE panel discussion

Wednesday, October 7th at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET on our Facebook Page


October 12-18, 2020

Making Your Voice Strong: Tools and Resources for Strengthening Girls’ Voices

Self-Advocacy is when a person is able to identify and express their own needs and opinions, set and work towards personal goals and also act on their own behalf when they want to and are able to.

This week, we will explore tools and resources for strengthening our voices, from social media platforms to daily personal affirmation journaling.

Join us for a LIVE panel discussion

Wednesday, October 14th at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET on our Facebook Page


October 19-25, 2020

Girls Health and Wellness: Owning Our Minds and Bodies

Well-being can be defined as the ability to function positively in all of the following core areas: physical health and hygiene, mental and emotional resilience, social awareness and relationship skills.

Having a positive well-being also encompasses our relationship with the Earth; ideas around climate change will be explored this week as well.

Join us for a LIVE panel discussion

Wednesday, October 21st at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET on our Facebook Page


October 26-November 1, 2020

Economic Opportunities: Challenges and Solutions

Increasing financial literacy, technological literacy, information literacy, and 21st Century Skills, including communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving can help prepare girls for their futures by gaining transferable skills that will be useful in entering the formal economy. However, we must acknowledge that gaining access to economic opportunities also involves changing the attitudes of those who do not believe in women’s leadership and right to choose safe work with a living wage.

Join us for a LIVE panel discussion

Wednesday, October 28th at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET on our Facebook Page


The fight for gender equality can be a personal one; most girls and women have been directly impacted by gender discrimination, and many of us have our own personal WHY when it comes to joining this movement. Add your personal WHY in the space below. At the conclusion of OctobHER, we’ll turn your collective responses into a commemorative piece of art.

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