Jul 30 2016

A Letter From G.L.O.W. Girl Dulce Laguna


Dear Global Girls,

I remember the day Kylie Schuyler came to NOVA and mentioned an all-girls after school program. The program immediately caught my attention and I was inclined to find out more about it. I went to the first meeting out of curiosity, then I stuck around.

Through this non-profit organization I got the chance to work with girls of different ages. We all learned from each other, we all contributed ideas, we all shared views, we all helped each other grow and together we learned the importance a girl has on the world and the value and power we as women possess. Being the mentor of those amazing young girls meant that I was getting a chance to be better because I had young eyes looking up at me. It meant that I could be part of something greater because a small part of me would be carried through the ages. A small part of me would belong to them because I was their example. It meant that I had the chance to be trusted and hear what they had to say and be the one that offered advice. But mainly, be someone who offered a listening ear because we all at one point only need that person that is willing to be silent and just listen.

I am glad that I became part of this team. This organization that opened my eyes and made me see that each of us has a different story, each of us plays a role in the world and each of us can make a difference. Especially if we work together and speak in a unanimous voice, we can together, create an impact and a difference in our world. I wanted to take part of that future, and become part of that team. The team that was making a difference.

Thank you girls for being so full of energy and carrying hearts full of love and minds full of knowledge. Thank you for giving me the privilege of working with you all. Thank you for letting me take part of something greater.


Dulce Laguna

Dulce graduated from Nova Academy Early College High School in June 2016 and recently
joined our team of caring mentors at the GLOW House in Santa Ana while she attends
California State University, Fullerton. 

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