Apr 11 2018

Girls Show Strength Through Art in Detroit


During our recent HerStory Summit in Detroit, 50 girls from three different LitClubs throughout the city came together to participate in a fun interpretive art activity. Each girl received a list of quotes from famous African-Americans. Together they reviewed all the quotes, then each girl selected one that personally resonated with her. After sharing in small groups about why they selected their particular quotes, the girls received canvases and an assortment of art materials. Then they went to work interpreting the quote “as they see it.”

​In Detroit our partner is Detroit Public Schools Community District. Together we provide innovative after-school programming for girls. Our HerStory programming is focused on storytelling, mentorship and self-advocacy. We believe that with a strong voice, a girl can transform herself, her future, her community, and the world.

To hear one such strong and powerful voice from Detroit, watch Saniya’s story. Saniya participated in the LitClub HerStory program. She is now a young woman leader in her community. Among her countless dreams, she wants to be a child psychologist when she grows up, so she can help others.

Accelerating Girls’ Greatness in the US and Around the World

Together with our partners in 27 countries, we provide safe spaces and mentor nearly 6,000 girls with our unique curriculum, building their confidence by cultivating modern literacy and self-expression skills. The HerStory Campaign supports and encourages girls to share their stories, advocate for themselves, and create positive change.  Our participants cite increased confidence and an improved outlook about their futures.

Local summits like this recent one in Detroit are an important part of our HerStory program, giving participants an opportunity to broaden their perspective by meeting other girls, listening to one another, sharing their stories, and amplifying their voices. We also hold regional and national summits throughout the year, and an annual global HerStory Summit in New York, which brings together girls ages 14 and up from around the world. They collaborate to develop projects that have a positive impact on their communities, and then return home and put those projects into action. To see examples of some of these girl-led projects now underway, check out this video:

Get involved! One of the best ways to amplify girls’ voices is by sharing their stories with your networks. Follow our social media channels by clicking on the icons below, and add your voice to Global GLOW’s HerStory campaign today!

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