July 2016
One Laguna woman’s art- and literacy-based Global GLOW program helps girls in Santa Ana and around the world.
With each stroke of the pen or paintbrush, girls at the Global GLOW after-school program discover pieces of themselves, expressing emotions and personality through poetry, drawing, painting, taking photos or making collages. These projects provide a creative outlet for teen and pre-teen girls, giving shape to their hopes and dreams and helping them cope with difficult experiences like bullying, all under the guidance of college-aged female mentors. Then by sharing their work, the girls gain confidence and, over time, develop a more defined sense of self.

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May 2016
How a froyo shop in France is helping girls overcome the odds in Santa Ana, Africa and Asia
The GLOW House seems the perfect name for the headquarters of the nonprofit enterprise operating on a busy corner at the edge of downtown Santa Ana.

Start with the way it looks on the outside: a gleaming white two-story building with a brick facade and gray trim.

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February 2016
Group helps girls find their voices: ‘One day I will conquer my fears’
From 2002 to 2009, Kylie Schuyler of Laguna Beach was helping to set up schools in Cambodia. As the schools opened, she noticed that the classrooms would fill up but with male students only.

Locals told her that girls were kept home to work.

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January 2016
Cosmopolitan Editorial about Cal Bliss’ (Kylie Schuyler) philanthropic giving to Global G.L.O.W.

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January 2016
Local Philanthropist on Fire for Girl Power
In the flurry of activities that rush the start of the New Year, an event at Seven Degrees this Saturday, Jan. 9, offers an opportunity to take a more thoughtful approach to making New Years resolutions.

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December 2014
El Sol Neighbor Goes Global for Local Girls
Kylie Schuyler knew this particular group of girls was different. There was something in their eyes – a spark of confidence that set them apart as the traveled through rural areas with World Assistance for Cambodia.

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