Oct 14 2016

The GLOW Show


Global Girls interview with WKE Inc.’s Allison Jenney, Technical Writer  and Flora Zepeda, Transportation Engineer.

Thank you for inviting my colleague Flora  Zepeda and I to the GLOW House. It was a pleasure to meet your wonderful girls and share our career paths. One of the most heartwarming moments was watching young girls courageously speak their minds with hope to change not only their own futures, but our future and create a better world for everyone. Meeting with both the girls at the GLOW House and their mentors allowed this moment to be shared. I liked that we were able to meet seated in a circle together, because it felt more welcoming and just like being at home with family.

It was such a great experience to share with them both sides of the educational spectrum when it comes to career paths. My work in technical writing and Flora’s in engineering demonstrates that both, STEM and Humanities, often work in the same type of environment, and no matter what they are passionate about there are a lot of possible career options. I remember one of the girls asked us about our hobbies growing up, and sharing my love for creating short stories and Flora’s response was solving jigsaw puzzles. Both of these relate to our current careers and how we transformed our childhood hobbies into our career paths. I think this was a key moment for these girls to realize that when it comes to career choices, the sky is the limit and one way to find it is to learn what they are truly passionate about. The program is a wonderful way for them to explore these choices as they develop close relationships with their college mentors.

Though our time together was short, all it took was for one girl to start off with a question and as our “interview” continued, more girls would feverishly raise their hands with more. My co-worker Flora and I had the opportunity to share our stories with hopes of keeping their minds open to the possibilities before them. I liked seeing them sit up straighter on hearing a comment that interested them, or laugh in agreement, but even more catching their hidden smiles with eyes widened, and that moment meant the most to me, knowing that sharing my personal journey sparked their interest and they were able to capitalize on it. I hope we were able to make an impact on these wonderful girls, and we will be invited to come back and speak with them again soon.

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