Oct 3 2018

2018 Global HerStory Summit: Meet the Ambassadors


We are days away from the 2018 Global HerStory Summit, which kicks off in New York City on October 8th! More than 40 HerStory Ambassadors from nine program sites across the world will gather to design and share action plans for bringing real change to girls in their local communities.

Previously, we highlighted each of the delegates who will be representing the United States. Now, we are excited to share the stories and community action plans (CAPs) of HerStory Ambassadors from three program sites around the world in Brazil, Thailand and Kenya.

Brazil (ETIV)

Girl Ambassador Names: Larissa, Rana

Partnership Coordinator: Michele

HerStory Mentor: Ivone

Community Action Plan: Girl Power
Women are often portrayed negatively in media and entertainment. To raise awareness about this issue and inspire change to popular culture, HerStory girls in Brazil will arrange meetings to talk about the frequency of derogatory images of women in media and share personal stories about how they are affected. They will write letters to musicians and ask that they be more respectful in their song lyrics, and also reach out to local radio stations and encourage them not to play songs that are demeaning during Carnaval. The HerStory girls hope this will bring change to the way women are portrayed and ultimately help improve girls’ sense of self worth.   

These girls are truly remarkable. They may be young, but they already have a clear understanding of what girls are truly capable of achieving and they are incredibly motivated to make a difference. They care for one another and others so deeply and look forward to encouraging girls across Brazil and around the world to reach for their dreams!

One day, Larissa hopes to be a veterinarian and Rana has many dreams she hopes to accomplish. When asked what advice she would give other girls, Rana says, “keep studying new things and dream about the future.”

Thailand (Friends of Thai Daughters)

Girl Ambassador Names: Kanya, Nala and Seeda

Partnership Coordinator: Aoy

HerStory Mentor: Phuangthong

Community Action Plan: Rainbow House
Many girls in the local community struggle with self-esteem and lack the support they need to gain confidence. The HerStory girls in Thailand will create a safe space – the Rainbow House – where girls in the village can gather and empower one another. They will host regular workshops that will provide the girls with the skills and support they need to feel more confident, just like in their own HerStory Clubs.  

The desire these girls have to support, mentor and strengthen other girls in their community is inspiring. Each of them have expressed their passion for meeting new people, encouraging positivity in others and empowering them to be brave and confident. One day, Kanya would like to be a teacher. Nala wants to be a sheriff so she can “help others in the community improve the way they live.” Seeda dreams of opening a restaurant abroad.

When asked what advice she would give other girls, Kanya says, “let ourselves be an inspiration and example for girls. Encourage them to be confident and have courage to do the things they are afraid of.”

Kenya (NEWI)

Ambassador Names: Joan, Sylvian

Partnership Coordinator: Brenda

Mentor: Rosemary

Community Action Plan: Dannis Obara LitClub Safe Space Project
In Kenya, HerStory girls noticed that girls need a safe, secure meeting space where they can confidently discuss any challenges they may be facing. Girls are also more likely to study and read in a designated safe space, which in turn improves their academic performance and ensures they stay in school. The HerStory girls in Kenya hope their action plan will help girls in the community gain more confidence, prioritize their education and forge a path for a successful career.

In the future, Joan and Sylvian hope to be in a position to positively influence girls in their community. Joan’s advice for other girls: “I would advise them to open up about challenges they are facing so they may be helped.”

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