Sep 7 2023

Meet our Newest Girl Advocacy Committee Members from Cambodia, Ghana, and Zambia!


Each year, Global G.L.O.W. welcomes girl advocates from around the world to join our Girl Advocacy Committee (GAC). Through monthly virtual training sessions, these GAC members build upon the advocacy skills they’ve learned in our signature program, GLOW Club, while developing relationships with other youth advocates, discussing issues affecting girls worldwide, and becoming even stronger community organizers, activists, and mentors to fellow girls. 

GAC members speak annually at significant girls’ rights events such as The Commission on the Status of Women and the International Day of the Girl. Their voices are absolutely vital to conversations about gender equality, and it’s crucial that they be represented in decision-making spaces where they have the power to shape conversations about the rights and wellbeing of girls.

This year, we’re proud to introduce you to our largest GAC cohort ever. Our 33 newest GAC members represent 15 countries and a variety of lived experiences. They are students, artists, athletes, and so much more. Most importantly, they have all come together with the common goal of creating a better world for themselves and girls worldwide. 

Read on to learn from three of our newest GAC members on why they decided to join the cause, and follow this blog for more updates throughout the year from our 2023 Girl Advocacy Committee! 

As a representative of the Girl Advocacy Committee, I am most looking forward to hearing from girls in other countries around the world. More than this, I hope that I can share my vision with girls through campaigns to help my community. I hope to gain as much as I can from the GAC including skills in leadership, public speaking, critical thinking, communication, group work, and event planning. 

In the future, I hope to play a role in supporting girls in my community who want to pursue their dreams. I would love to build a public library the biggest in Cambodia so students can read plenty of books there while researching for their assignments. 

I hope to advocate for girls in my community and around the world by helping girls in understanding their rights so that they can achieve their goals, reach their expectations, and make decisions on their own without having to depend on others’ influence. 

With the leadership skills I gain from my time in the Girl Advocacy Committee, I hope to build a collective vision that can motivate girls to put forth their best in everything they do. I am looking forward to becoming a great leader and gaining management skills to use in assisting other girls when the need arises. 

There are several skills I hope to gain from being a representative to the Girl Advocacy Committee that I would like to bring back to my community. These include

  1. Being able to stand up for what I know is right. 
  2. Growing in my education and reading skills
  3. Learning how to support and listen to other people’s opinions
  4. Learning how to be creative and try new things

I look forward to learning more and educating fellow girls on how to become independent and accountable members of society. I hope to advocate for girls in my community and help them overcome various obstacles that may hinder them from achieving their ambitions. I hope to help girls in my community learn how to become better people in the community, but also in the world at large. 

I have several hopes and dreams for my future, such as building an orphanage for vulnerable people who are financially unstable in my community. I also hope to build a career in aviation and become a pilot. In my leisure time I love to read story books, learn new vocabulary, and study. I like to have fun by interacting with new people and learning new ideas because I’m not perfect, and I want to learn how to grow familiar with new environments.

I encourage all of my fellow girls to stand up for what they know is right and not stay silent. Be brave and face whatever challenges may come your way. 

Learn more about Advocacy at Global G.L.O.W. and get to know the rest of the Girl Advocacy Committee here.

Global G.L.O.W. partners with community-based organizations in 30 countries to operate mentorship-driven programs for girls ages 10-18. Our SEL-based curriculum gives girls the tools to express themselves, advocate for their rights, and challenge the most critical barriers to achieving gender equality. Support our work at globalgirlsglow.org/donate.

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