Aug 23 2023

Youthful and Useful


By Global Youth Correspondent Samantha, 18, Nigeria

Today, young people aged 15 to 24 account for 16% of the global population.GLOW girls and other young people around the world have risen as powerful change-makers -championing sustainable movements and demanding accountability from those in power.

70% of young people in this generation of ours are involved in finding social and political solutions. In a social or political course we as users can keep up with this as we continue to make. We can encourage sustainable differences and change young people’s engagement in decision-making at all levels to find what is important in creating impactful solutions to control contemporary challenges.

I love the fact that I am young, full of life and vitality. The glory of youth is their strength, and when we channel this strength, we make positive changes in our world.



Y = Youthful: We are strong, energetic, and active.

O = Original and Open-minded: We are the first of our kind and unique. .. As a generation, we are ready and willing to learn from one another as we celebrate our “differences” which I  call UNIQUENESS.

U= Useful: We are extremely relevant to our world as we bring sustainable changes without pride. We solve problems with kindness.

T =Tenacious: We have great skills and strive to thrive with determination. Quitting is not an option for us.

H= Happy: We are empathetic, considerate, and understanding. We live happily and share happiness with those around us.

S= Sacrificial: We are willing to give our time and resources to help others. We have a bright and victorious future.

As young people, we hold the keys to solving global issues. We are leading the way to a sustainable future. Our passions, visions, and ideas are valid. In our rapidly evolving world,  there is so much we can do together to empower girls and women, contribute to peacemaking efforts, and change the status quo for the better in our communities. 

Young Women are Changing the World

Young women especially are the hope for the future and there are several individuals we can look to as role models. Let’s consider Malala Yousafzai, who spoke up against the Taliban at 11 years old to support girls going to school. She has gone so far and brought change against all odds. 

Greta Thunberg is another amazing young woman.  The 15-year-old Swedish environmentalist addressed the 2018 United Nations at a climate change conference to challenge world leaders to take prompt actions for climate change mitigation. Sophia Kianna is a  22-year-old Iranian who serves as the youngest United Nations advisor in United States history. She is also the Executive Director of the world’s largest youth-led climate non-profit,  Climate Cardinals. At 12 years old Sophia looked up to the sky one night and realized that she couldn’t see the stars due to pollution Since then, she has worked to educate people on environmental degradation.

Speaking of Sustainability

The theme of the United Nations International Youth Day 2023  was  Green Skills for Youths: Towards a Sustainable World

One of the major issues currently impacting our world is climate change. Where I come from in Nigeria, we often see the increasing effects of climate change. Climate change affects everyone but disproportionately affects girls. Drought affects menstruators. Without access to clean water, most girls cannot go to school when they are on their period. Floods and other climate-related disasters increase the vulnerability of women and girls to rape, molestation, gender-based violence, child marriage, and trafficking.

Nobel Prize winner and education activist, Malala Yousafzai, once said: “Gender equality, girls’ education, and climate change are not separate issues. Girls’ education and gender equality can be used as solutions to climate change.”

As a young student and farmer in Nigeria,  I agree with another one of Malala’s statements: When girls are educated they can become farmers, conservationists, and solar technicians, and girls can fill other green jobs as well. Problem-solving skills can allow girls to help their communities and adapt to climate change.”

As girls, we can help lessen the effects of climate change by making use of eco-friendly care products such as menstrual cups, reusable sanitary pads, or even tampons and disposable sanitary pads made from biodegradable materials like 100% organic cotton, natural bamboo, cellulose, or veggie gums.

I hope this blog is more than informative or educational, but also serves as a call to action for every young person.  

We are the game changers. Together, we are the hope for transformation that our world needs. Let’s join hands together and create a sustainable world for ourselves, for our children, and our world.

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