United States | Communications and Advocacy Coordinator

As the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator, Hana carries out external communication strategies to ensure that all girls’ voices are amplified and heard. One of the greatest privileges of her role is to hear and see the advocacy work of girls all over the world.

Hana graduated with a BA in Psychology with a minor in Child & Adolescent Development from California State University, Fullerton. Throughout her life, she has dedicated her time volunteering for youth in various settings, from leading girls in summer camps to coaching youth media teams.

The bravest woman that Hana looks up to is Alice Aedy, for her unapologetic passion for amplifying the voices of marginalized communities through film and storytelling.

Hana loves finding a good brunch location, watching films, and discovering different ways to create with her hands. On her most creative days, she is making a collage or planning out a photojournalism project.

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