Nigeria | Program Officer, West Africa

Simi Ashimolowo is a Public Health Practitioner who has worked with both local and international NGOs to develop new and innovative approaches for designing solutions to improve the sexual and reproductive health of adolescent girls aged 15 -19 years in Nigeria. Simi has partnered with key Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) stakeholders at various levels within the Country to deliver ASRH interventions to reach girls with unmet needs.

Simi has become an advocate for the development of innovative solutions that address the unique SRH needs of AYP in Nigeria while also contributing to various development projects such as Malaria and Nutrition in Nigeria. Simi’s goal is to create possibilities for reaching and improving the health, economy, and agency of young girls who are experts in their own experiences. By listening to girls and working with them. Simi has created a shift in the ASRH status quo in the Country.

Simi also understands that what truly drives innovation is not about mastering the flavor of a skill but about building empathy and connecting with the end users, our young girls for whom we exist.

Simi creates visibility for her work with and for girls through social media platforms. Her voice has become a channel to create awareness around ASRH. In addition to her extensive experience in delivering innovative interventions in ASRH, Simi is trained in the Human Centered Design approach to program design and always strives to put girls at the center of all she does. Simi holds a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and a Master’s in Public Health.

Aside from her mother and sisters, the bravest woman Simi knows is Malala Yousafzai as she is an embodiment of courage, tenacity, and resilience. When not traveling, Simi enjoys reading books that open the mind to unseen possibilities.

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