After college Mary began helping students with Autism in the classroom and then with therapy at their house. After enjoying being in the classroom environment with these students she went back to school to get her teaching credential and now teaches third grade at a Title I school. Through teaching at a more at risk school, Mary saw the need to have mentors in young girls lives.

It is through a program like Global G.L.O.W. that young girls can see what is beyond their immediate environment to see what else can be available to them. It helps them set high expectations for themselves and provides mentors to help them achieve the goals they are setting. It gives so many opportunities and experiences to young girls that they may not have even known existed. Mary believes a girl can be whatever she wants, do whatever she wants, and achieve whatever she wants if she is given the opportunity. Global G.L.O.W. is that opportunity for girls in at risk communities. It is a beacon of hope, a safe place for them to explore and be themselves, a place to challenge themselves, and a place that provides unfailing support to girls.

Mary enjoys the chaos that comes with life with two very active children and watching them grow and explore the world. She is also very active herself, after many years of running competitively she now enjoys the rush of hard workouts and is proud to say she can still bust out a 5:30ish mile. And even though lazy days on the couch with a good book very rarely occur, they are so enjoyed when they do.

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