United States | Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Karina is a dynamic nonprofit leader who seamlessly blends purpose and passion as Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Global G.L.O.W. With a keen eye for organizational growth and a heart dedicated to making a positive impact on securing resources that drive meaningful change.

Karina’s professional career includes leadership across multiple domains and impact in mission-driven grassroots and corporate fundraising, annual giving, grant management, client success, and national security. Her unwavering passion lies in advocating for young girls – our current and future leaders! Ensuring they are granted every opportunity that empowers them to amplify their voices and embrace their true potential.

As Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Karina collaborates closely with the Executive Director to drive the strategic vision to cultivate value-based partnerships with external stakeholders, including corporate partners, government agencies, foundations, and other nonprofits, to drive sustainable growth, enhance program impact, and increase the reach of Global G.L.O.W.’s initiatives.

Karina draws inspiration from her Mother, Abuela, and daughter—three generations of wise, strong, and vibrant women who have profoundly shaped her values and resilience. These remarkable women instilled in her the capacity to persevere through challenges with an unwavering spirit, an abundance of passion, and infectious laughter. While the world is full of women who have pioneered change for future generations, the transformative influence of her own family has molded Karina into the strong, capable woman she is today—a truth for which she remains eternally grateful.

Karina resides in Washington, D.C., with her husband and three children.

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