Youth Correspondent

As a former GLOW Club Member, Nuri brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role as the Youth Correspondent. In her role, Nuri amplifies not only the voices of girls in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan but of girls around the globe. Nuri attends Wayne State University as a computer science major, minoring in mathematics, and is the first generation (and woman!) in her family to attend university.

Over the years, Nuri developed a love for the tech industry and wanted to have a career in mining, but she quickly realized that women in STEM were still something that was developing as not a lot of women joined fields of STEM due to the unfair treatment. Nuri strongly believes women should have the right to work wherever they please and have the ability to express and expand on their knowledge, especially if they spent so much effort learning and mastering something.

A brave woman that Nuri looks up to is her mom, who has fought battles right before her eyes. Nuri’s mother is her warrior because has made so many sacrifices for her family. In her free time, Nuri enjoys cooking, writing, coding, reading the Quran, praying, and working on herself every day to become a better individual.

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