Senior Manager, Global Advocacy

As Senior Manager of Global Advocacy at Global G.L.O.W., Lyndsey coordinates girls’ participation and engagement in international summits and United Nations fora to ensure girls’ voices are heard at policy and decision-making levels. Lyndsey has the privilege of collaborating with allies in advancing girls’ rights and leads the development of Global G.L.O.W.’s policy positions to support collective girls’ advocacy efforts. Previously, Lyndsey also oversaw Global G.L.O.W.’s GirlSolve initiative for the co-creation of the Girl Boss program in partnership with Launch gURLs, which seeks to guide girls in determining and pursuing their own futures. With a background in Sociology and a passion for positive social change, Global G.L.O.W.’s mission to equip girls to advocate for themselves and be change-makers in their communities is a motivating force behind Lyndsey’s work.

One brave and inspirational woman for Lyndsey’s is Gioconda Belli, a Nicaraguan writer and poet, whose activism helped to transform her own community and whose voice and writing continues to inspire social change today.

During her free time, Lyndsey can be found exploring coasts, hiking hillsides, wandering around art museums and gardens, watching films and documentaries, or reading and musing at a local coffee shop.

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